Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Which formats is the film available on?

TV, VOD, Magazines, National and Specialist Press, Outdoor – Underground, High Impact Online Display, Video, Social.

How was it released in the US (formats and release pattern)?
Didn’t have a release date at the time, and now it does. Sightseers will show you a love story like no other whenever it hits theaters on May 10.

How was it marketed how did StudioCanal help?

Gave away the movie for free. "It’s kind of counter-intuitive to give a movie away for free. But at the same time, if you’ve got a million people talking about it, that’s’ a pretty amazing bit of marketing. And if you’ve got big resources, you’ve got to use them."

How was twitter and facebook used to market the film? 

Created a Facebook and twitter page and kept up on information on the film. They made fake posters for the "missing dog". This made the film feel more realistic.

They set up deck chairs, camping chairs and trams to go with the theme of the movie at the premier.
How was Stella Artois involved? What is a Stella Artois bursary?
At the premier they were sponsored by stella artois and it was hosted by the drink too. 
Stella Artois Bursaries are unique funds that directly support the film community.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Representation of Age

In this essay i will be discussing the representation of age based around a clip from Waterloo road.

The first stereotypes we associate with teenagers is that they are selfish, always moody, vandalisers, up to no good, drinkers, drug users, criminals and addicted to social media and their phones. In this Waterloo road clip we can clearly identify the main stereotype of teenagers from the characters within the TV drama.

Mise en scene

The first part of the mise en scene we see is that it is based in quite a large school, that looks a lot more grown up to a primary school, we can tell this because of the clothing they are wearing such as all the pupils wearing ties and the girls wearing short skirts. This obviously indicates a school for teenagers. Another reason we can tell it is a school for teenagers is that the tables in the class rooms are set out two seats per table, like an exam room, this gives the impression that they are growing up and aren't little children anymore. Another example of age reprentation would be Grantley dressed in a tweed suit with a knitted waistcoat, whilst stood next to teenagers who are wear big coats and cardigans.

Younger female teachers present youth with the contrast of smart formal trousers and then a vibrant pink top. Depicting her as an adult and professional, with the formal clothing, whilst still incorporating an essence of her younger age.

Later on in the clip the male fat teacher decides to have a new image and dressed in trainers and wild top. Because of his older age, this is the reason he appears so out of place and ridiculously dressed. This is the reason for all of the students laughing at him and another teacher saying "you look ridiculous".
Camera Shots

The first shot of the clip what is a low close up shot of a pair of brown heavy shoes walking tables and chair legs, that look like they have been set up for an exam as it is in a big hall. This immediately shows us that this scene will take place in a classroom or formal setting of some sort.

I recognize a mid shot which shows us a contrast between the two age groups, this time through body language. As the older teacher looks at the students with a stern look yet a smug one, the boys stand very closed and almost never make eye contact. This fits the stereotype that the older generations always have authority over the younger ones and they also enjoy having this power. The use of the broken camera in the scene also shows that the younger students are lacking in discipline and are also careless with their property. However shortly after this camera is revealed, another character is introduced who fits different parts of each stereotype.

Monday, 8 December 2014

"Cross media convergence and synergy are vital processes in the successful marketing of media products to audiences" To what extent do you agree with this statement in relation to your media area?

Cross media convergence is when a film accidentally collaborates with another company to promote a film. An example of a cross media convergence is youtube. This is because they offer a website that clips or videos can be uploaded to. If a film industry has a trailer or teaser that needs to be publicised then youtube is there, not purposely for that use, but still allows them to publicise the advertisement free of charge. Another example of Cross media convergence is twitter, this is because twitter is free to the use of anyone who has access to it. Twitter cannot stop promoting as it can be used to publicise anything from anyone not just film industries. Anyone can see the tweets therefore it is a good free website to use. Facebook and twitter are easy ways to create fan bases and make the film more well known and heard about. There are so many advantages to using these apps as so many people across the globe are intact with social media.

Synergy is when the film works with another company to promote their film. An example of this is when a film works with a magazine of purpose to promote their film. If it is quite a big magazine that is guaranteed to have a lot of buyers then this will be very useful for film companies as it it a good way to promote for them. An example of this would be planet of the apes, which collaborated with vice magazine to promote the film.

Monday, 1 December 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel Essay

Successful media products depend as much upon marketing and distribution to a specific audience as they do upon good production practices. To what extent do you agree with this statement, within the media area you have studied?

Successful media products are dependant on marketing and distribution. Many films find that advertising their film well is a good way of making money. They need to set the standard very high so they stand out and make a good impression and status for the film, this is so that the audiences are grasped and have more intention of seeing the film if it is advertised well. Marketing has a massive contribution to a film successfully making money, it means that the film is commonly more well known. The way in which they can justify in making sure that a range of people see/know about the film is to advertise globally. This initially means that you have to spend money to make money. Successful media is dependant on marketing to the correct people/ target audience. 

Huge companies such as Disney use their size to promote and publish. A giant word wide company like Disney can fix itself to any type of film to give it credibility and therefore great media attention. As they are such a big company they have the ability to make a film well known and to release it to the public so that everyone is aware of the film. Working with such a large company would mean your film would become a lot more popular and it would make a very good impression. More people are likely to watch the film if they know it is partnered with such a big company as they already have high expectations associated with companies such as Disney, Universal etc. An example of this would be The Avengers, they put an estimated $100 million in promotions behind the $220 million film, in addition to Disney's own estimated $150 million marketing budget.

Smaller companies would usually converge to achieve something they would not be able to do independently. Once combined they can use the best resources in able to produce a high quality film. Small comapnies do not have the ability to attract the biggest budgets. When attracting big movie A listers it means straight away the film is more likely to appeal to a bigger range of people. When knowing there is a big star in the movie more people are likely to go and watch it as they will have high expectations and are more entitled to thinking the movie could have potential when including such a famous actor, this is a really good way to advertise. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel was paired with; American Empirical Pictures, Indian Paintbrush and Babelsburg Studio. Grand Budapest Hotel had excellent views and was rumoured for selection of an oscar. The audience have described the film as "a brilliantly entertaining fantasy outing by Wes Anderson" and a "Absurd, funny exciting, violent and colourful film". When realising comments like that the public will be more drawn to the film and with such great reviews they are more willing/wanting to watch it themselves. Joining with different tyes of companies will effectively reach out to different people and will give a range of audiences. One way in which you can effectively advertise a film is through the internet. 3 billion people have the resources to use the internet, websites such as youtube are extremley important for film comapnies. This is because they can uplod film teasers or trailers, that are free to watch for the general public. A lot of the time it is free to uplaod to youtube so it is therefore a simple and cheap way of  advertising. The Grand Budapest Hotel created their advertising through their own created website. It has little snippet props of the film which you can discover and look at yourself. Things such as Mendls cakes and Madame D's will. It is a really fun way to become intact with the film and get the audience involved. The Grand Budapest Hotel also created a repleca of the hotel that they would take round the the premier cinemas so that the audience can be part of their very own Grand Budapest Hotel. They get to experience what it is like, this is a brilliant and very unique way in advertising as it has never really been done before. It adds to the excitement of the film and will be more remembered by the public. The Grand Budapest Hotel also starred many A list celebrities such as Jude Law, Owen Wilson, Ralph Fiennes, Jeff Goldblum, Jason Schwartzan. All of these Actors have reoccured in all of Wes Anderson's films. Having such big stars in your movie means it will be a lot easier to promote. This film was also in association with Prada, this means it is targeted to a high class audience. These are people who would be the ones to use the cinemas that contain bars, and have meals whilst watching the film. Having a high class target market means more money is being made as the ticket prices would be higher and they are also selling food and drinks. 

Dredd is a film that couldn't afford advertising. This is because the distributors did not think the film was good enough to advertise. They didn't believe that the film would make enough money therefore they didn't think it would be worth advertising. Dredd lost money at box office and was unsuccessful. They didn't give a range of options for the film. The film was only released in 3D apart from only a few cinemas in the UK that did it in 2D, meaning that you would have to travel long distances. This lost them a lot of viewings and money as no one could be bothered to drive far if they didn't want to see it in 3D. After a while, they completely cut off all 2D films of Dredd, this is very bad distribution. Not many people had heard or knew about Dredd because of the very little advertising it produced. Dredd got good reviews but unfortunately that did not increase the amount of money it made. There is no point in advertising to the wrong target audiences else the film will make no money. 

Overall I agree with the statement that successful media products do depend on advertising. I think this because if they are not distributed or marketed the film will not become popular and make enough money to be successful. Marketing has a massive contribution to making money, if it does then the company and producer will get a good reputation which will help in the future when they produce more films. In the long run advertising is a good way to create attention towards the film. In my opinion this statement will always be true. The importance of a global international audience is what makes the success of the film without it the film industry would not make enough money. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Part 1

What is Indian Paintbrush and who owns it? A production company owned by Steven Rales, whose productions include The Darjeeling LimitedTowelhead and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Which company is fox searchlight a subsidiary of? Operates as a subsidiary of Fox Entertainment Group, Inc.

Which type of films do fox searchlight distribute? American film distribution company within the Fox Entertainment Group. It specializes in US distribution of independant and British films, alongside dramedy and horror as well as non-English-language films, and is sometimes also involved in the financing of these films.

Which two countries finance the film? The two countries that financed The Grand Budapest Hotel was England and Germany.

What did Anderson use instead of CGI (computer generated imagery)? Anderson used small models and background paint instead of CGI for The Grand Budapest Hotel, he used this as he wanted to make it look fake.

Where did the inspiration for the Hotel come from? The Grand Budapest Hotel inspiration came from the writings of Stefan Zwieg.

Which film festival opened with The Grand Budapest Hotel? The world premiere of Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel will open the 64th Berlin International Film Festival in 2014.

Alexanre Desplat wrote the score, which major Hollywood films has he worked on?  The Queen, The Golden Compass, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Part 1 and Part 2, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Kings Speech, Argo, Zero Dark Thirty and Godzilla.

How man awards has the film won? Berlin International Film Festival, David di Donatello Awards, Golden Trailer Awards, Gotham Award, Hollywood Film Award, Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists and World Soundtrack Awards.

Initially how may cinemas did the film open on in the US and how much did it average per cinema? 4 cinemas opened the film in the US, each cost them £20,000.

The film was released on Ultraviolet Bluray, what does this enable consumers to do? It offers up to 50GB of storage capacity and enables playback, recording and rewriting of HD in all of the HD resolutions including 1080p. Blu-ray discs are also more resistant to scratches and fingerprints than today's DVDs, while still preserving the same look and feel. 

Which companies do not support Ultraviolet? The companies that don't support ultraviolet are: Disney. Google, Amazon.com and Apple.

What complaints did Ultraviolet encounter when it launched? The complaints they received is that you couldn't watch it on apple devices.

Part 2 

The cast in the film The Grand Budapest Hotel is: 
Edward Norton- Henckles 
Owen Wilson- M. Chuck
Ralph Fiennes - M. Gustave 
Tony Revolori- Zero
Jeff Goldblum- Kovacs
Tilda Swinton- Madame D 
Adrien Brody- Dmitri 
Saoirse Ronan- Agatha 
Jason Schwartzman- M. Jean 
Willem Dafoe- Jopling
Harvey Keitel- Ludwig
Bill Murray- M. Ivan 
Mathieu Amalric- Serge X
F. Murray Abraham- Mr. Moustafa
Lea Seydoux- Clotilde 
Jude Law- Young Writer 
Bob Balabam- M. Martin

Part 3

Where did scouting for a hotel take place? Centre of Europe.

Which location did the production team eventually use? Gurlet town.

Did they film on a location or soundstage? On location, an actual hotel.

Where were the production offices located? Above the Grand Budapest Hotel. 

How did they film the 60's and 30's hotel? They built the 60's the peeled that away and uilt the 30's one.

Where did the inspiration for the hotels interior come from? They looked at other hotels.

How many extras did it take to fill the lobby? Over 100 extras were used in the lobby.

The five secrets of the Grand Budapest Hotel?

1. The film sold merchandise on ebay.
2.They toured a large scale model of the hotel to cinemas around the world.
3.They made videos and recipes so people that had watched the film can bake their own Mendl's cakes.
4. Due to the success of moonrise kingdom He's attracted a whole new generation of younger audiences.
5. The film is accessible to audiences. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Representation of Ethnicity

In this essay I am going to be talking how ethnicity is represented in a clip from spooks. The characters within this clip that i will mainly be identifying is Danny, he is a African American spy, as well as the other character who is a terrorist and is Arabic.

Mise en scene

The stereotypical outlook of an African American man is un-wealthy, bottom of the chain and not very highly respected. We would stereo typically associate them with ragged clothing, not very smart and a laborer or some sort of gangster wearing hoodies. However, Danny is an African American man who is very smartly dressed. He has a very well respected job considering he is part of the MI which means he must make a fair amount of money. Therefore he doesn't stereo typically fit the ethnicity outlook on his ethnic background. The terrorist is Arabic, which is a usual stereotype for a terrorist. He is wearing a suit this concludes he comes across as a leader of some sort. Although this contrasts the stereotypical terrorists as we associate them with wearing a robe or gown and a type of Arabian turban. However,  the Arab terrorist has a sidekick. His costume gives away the fact that they are both Arabic as he is wearing a complete black costume where his body and face are covered,this is an ethnic stereo typical Arab costume. 
The scene gives off a very dark and gloomy vibe, this is to create the tension as both Danny and the Women are in danger. The dark and oppressive setting relates to the fact this is some sort of terrorist attack/killing. Society suggests that white people are law abiding and out of harms way, this is represented in this clip as both victims of the terrorists are  from ethnic backgrounds.


Ethnicity is also represented through sound in spooks. The sound in the background to me sounds like Muezzin which is the call to prayer. They play these types of music in places such as Turkey. As well as the Spanish guitar, this shows the sense of otherness and the non British culture. The sounding is very tense and it shows the contrast between the Black vs Arab. It shows the hatred enmity culture clash and the ideological differences, this is suggested by their tone of voice, the arguing between them. At the start of the scene there is drumming, this highlights a very intense event is about to happen and gives the scene suspense. 


The editing in the clip from spooks represents ethnicity. At the end of this clip there is white screens and flash backs, these could relate to flashback of the war which could represent each characters ethnicity. Or, it could also relate to Danny's death and his past of being a spy. The white screens are just after Danny's death and show flashes of his boss, the scenes become slower, less intense and weaker. This could represent emotion, pain and sorrow for Danny's death. The white screen creates drama and atmosphere. Whenever the camera focuses on Danny we notice very sharp to the point cuts, this could directly peruse his bravery in the situation. The fact that the woman is always faced head on and is not as in the scene as much as the other two could suggest sexism. This is because she being portrayed as the weaker and more vulnerable one as it focuses more on her crying rather what she has to say. It also really focuses on the way the gun is pointing down on her, this could actually relate to ethnicity as we can see she is not White British, which could suggest she also has little respect from others. Within the scene Danny mutters a prayer this could effectively conclude he is a religious man. They way this ties in with representation of ethnicity is because a typical "black" man would have a very religious and spiritual background.


 In the clip the camera angles are noticeably convenient for ethnicity, whenever the camera is focused on the terrorist the camera is always a low angle shot which means the terrorist is being looked up to by the camera. This suggests he has the most power in the room, as he is the one holding the gun and gets to determine who shall live and who shall die. Not only does this, but whenever the camera is on the terrorist we immediately see a lot of shifting of the camera, this would suggest he is very nifty, sly, evil and has very bad intentions. The terrorist is convinced he is in the right, we can tell this by his extreme close ups, it almost reveals as if he is brain washed. On the other hand Danny is being looked down on and we have a focused effect on him yet still have the image of the terrorist, blurred, in the background. This creates the intention that in the room Danny is the least respected, this is to do with ethnicity because a lot of people associate African American people as living in the slums or having a 3rd world lifestyle. Although a lot of Danny's head camera shots could show his sturdiness. The scene shows Danny's strong will, although the terrorist is in charge and has Danny's life at risk, he doesn't seem scare or nervous that soon his life may end. We can see this by the way Danny freely gives the terrorist back chat, almost as if he wants the terrorist to cause a reaction and in result, him killing Danny. The reason he may have done this is to save the Woman's life, as stereo typically, woman have more right and authority to live over men as they need protecting.  We see the slow motion after Danny's death, in another point of view this could as well suggest they show lack of emotion for Danny's death and that soon with the episode to carry on her could be completely forgotten about.

Overall in each section we can see descriptions of ethnicity from the clip. This all fits in with the stereotypical outlook on race and shows an undermining term of African Americans and shows how relate-ably  sometimes the Arabic have the power as they are stereo typically seen as terrorists and people that are in control as they use violence as a threat to get there own way. The terrorist in this clip completely concludes a whole look of terrorism and almost does not have a foot out of line when we see a representation of him, other than his suit. Where as with Danny i would argue that he is no way near the stereo typically black man, he is not being put in the shadows and he is wanting to be heard. His is dress completely objectifies the stereo type. Other than the fact he has a gun pointing down on him. But, this does all tie together and i think the clip really does show a representation of ethnicity, whether this is through how the characters are portrayed or the scene/clip as a whole, we still grasp the undermining of the African Americans and the over powering of the Arab. 

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